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Passive Income Earner

4,999.00 / 30 days

Capital 310 K
PNL 163.4 K
Drawdown 13.2 K (4%)
Std Deviation 0.12%
Sharpe Ratio 5.13


Tuno Trade presents ultimate indicator which generates Buy & Sell signal in providing higher accuracy in every segment like Indices, Stocks, Forex etc.

This strategy is based on a custom indicator that was created based on the combination of multiple supertrend & ema indicators. At its core, there are always 2 super trend indicators with different factors to reduce market noise (false signals).

The strategy/indicator has some parameters to improve the signals and filters.

Indicator generate Long & short signals by analyzing trend of market where you can take your decision taking signals in mind for your trades.

Important points to use the Tuno Trend Indicator

1. Use Heikin Ashi chart type with 5 min time frame to enter short term trade like Intraday or BTST or STBT.
2. Take profits as per your risk management, Exit signal only states that the trend is over.

Capital 310 K
PNL 163.4 K
Drawdown 13.2 K (4%)
Std Deviation 0.12%
Sharpe Ratio 5.13
Month PNL PNL %
Oct, 21 20.3 K 6.56
Nov, 21 6.6 K 2.11
Dec, 21 32 K 10.33
Jan, 22 17.2 K 5.54
Feb, 22 23.4 K 7.55
Mar, 22 22.3 K 7.18
Apr, 22 843.8 0.27
May, 22 7.2 K 2.32
Jun, 22 14.5 K 4.69
Jul, 22 15.8 K 5.09
Aug, 22 3.3 K 1.07

Note: This indicator is to analyze the chart and find the trend of the market, decision of trading is your solely responsibility.


Disclaimer : These results are based on simulated or paper trading or hypothetical performance results that have certain inherent limitations. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to these being shown.


Risk Disclaimer: –

We are not SEBI registered analyst. NO claims, rights reserved. We are not responsible for your profit or loss. Please Consult Your Financial advisor before using this indicator. Algo Trading does not mean a money-making machine, it is helpful in avoiding emotional trades, following rules, managing money and executing trades quickly. There will be downside, as well as upside we need to stay sticked with strategy. In Algo Trading there may be slippage, error in terminal or any technical issue. Although it is 100% fully automated trading, you are advised to keep a watch over the account to monitor any significant deviation. Algo Wise is not responsible for any losses.

Happy Trading!